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Slowly, almost sublime, the camera glides through a city that has literally been turned upside down. Dimitri Venkov's multi-award-winning experimental film The Hymns of Muscovy is a journey to the planet Muscovy, a twin planet of Moscow, where the metropolis is reversed: Hanging in the sky of Muscovy, the colossal buildings of the 20th and 21st centuries pass and reflected in its facades are the aesthetic and at the same time the historical and ideological developments in Russia: the socialist classicism of the Stalinist empire, the brutalism of modernity during Khrushchev’s Thaw Period and the cool glass facades of contemporary hyper capitalism. The impressive images are accompanied by a new composition of the Russian national anthem by the composer Alexander Manotskov, whereby each of the three electronic variations corresponds to an architectural style. The hymn becomes a companion on the journey to a flying metropolis that seems to have fallen out of space and time.

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