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Written, directed, and edited by

Dimitri Venkov

Collaborating writers

Alexander Evangely

Leonid Studenikin

Academic consultants

Evgenia Demina  

Andrei Tutorski

Alexandrina Vanke

Pavel Kostylev

Oleg Aronson

David Riff


Cited works by

Bronislaw Malinowski

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Michael Taussig

Jean Langford

Émile Durkheim

Viktor Garadja

Mircea Eliade

Mad Mimes

2012, 30 minutes, Russian dialogue with English, SD video

An anthropological study of a cargo cult in a fictitious self-marginalized commune, which existed next to the Moscow Ring Road - a highway that marks the boundaries of the Russian capital - and survived mainly on roadside trash. Although the road provided for their basic needs, the existence of the commune was extremely precarious and highly dependent on the roadway's fluctuations. This dependency led them to develop a cargo cult of the road.

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Pejman Foundation, Tehran, Iran


Rodchenko School. Generation Next, Multimedia Art Museum Moscow

Forum Alanica, Vladikavkaz

Cannibal Manifesto: Mimesis as Resistance, Karst Foundation, Plymouth

Close and Far, Mead Gallery, Warwick Art Centre


Burning News, Hayward Gallery Project Space, London

Close and Far, Calvert 22 Gallery, London

Goeast Film Festival, Open Frame Award, Wiesbaden, Germany

Video#Russia!, PERMM, Perm, Russia


'Constructed Sceneries' - the film program of 'Scenographies' exhibition, SMBA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Voice and the Chorus,Russian video art in Museum De Hallen. Haarlem,  The Netherlands

Kino der Kunst, Munich, Germany


Kandinsky prize exhibition, Moscow

31st Jean Rouch Film Festival, Paris

XI International Kansk Video Festival, Kansk

Days of Ethnographic Cinema, Moscow

The workshop vs. The Film Process, NCCA Moscow

No Exception, Moscow Art and Multimedia Museum

34th International Moscow Film Festival


Kandinsky Prize 2012. Young Artist of the Year

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