The Shining Will Come Crashing Down

23 min, 2019

2016, 32 min

2007-preset, work-in-progress

2013, 6 min

2013, 60 min

2012, 30 min

2012, 32 min

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On the technical level the film is a formalist experiment involving ultra high-speed photography. A volleyball game shot at a speed of 1/40th of what is perceived as real-time becomes a boon for viewing the details of fast and emotionally charged human processes. Revealing what Walter Benjamin called the "optical unconscious", the film provides a study of facial expressions, hand gestures, and poses, which, notwithstanding the documentary nature of the material, are reminiscent of Renaissance painting.


This magnificent spectacle of electric image-making, however, is somewhat of a trap for the viewer. Operating in a classical painterly iconography it draws you in, but the emotional tension revealed by the ultra slow motion creates for me an eerie otherworldly feeling of temporal suspension, of a lacuna in time. Far from a simple feast for the eyes, this game reminds me of the majestic view from Douglas Adams' restaurant at the end of the world.

The Shining Will Come Crashing Down

2019, 23 min, 2K video, no sound

Conceived, directed, and edited by

Dimitri Venkov

Director of photography

Pavel Filkov

High-speed camera operator

Margarita Kariuk

Art director

Svetlana Hollis

Assistant director

Rodion Vereshchaka

Line producer

Timophey Dorogoichenko

Color grading

Evgeny Gvozdev

Production supported by Gazprombank and "Art Finance" LLC, Moscow

2019©Dimitri Venkov