For Keimena ERT2 program, Documenta 14

Andrey Shental for Flashart, January/February 2018

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Growing up in Akademgorodok, a Soviet city of scientists, and having followed an academic path up to a degree in film studies, I have carried a certain scientific rigour into my artistic practice. At the core of my film lies a formal, structural, or conceptual proposition, which the film then endeavors to argue for, develop, or build upon. The approach I take in developing the proposition is consonant with or even part of the proposition itself. For this reason, every new film is different from the previous one taking shape of a quasi scholarly, a dissertation-like argument, as is the case in Mad Mimes, a social network discussion staged in the fashion of a classical courtroom drama (Krisis), a history told through architectural styles and transmuted sound of the Soviet anthem (The Hymns of Muscovy).

Dimitri Venkov

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Диалог искусств, 17 октября 2016

Каталог выставки, 2014

Диалог искусств №3, 2014

Обсуждениe фильма "Словно солнце", 2013

Александр Евангели, Синефантом, 2013

Журнал "Искусство кино", 2013, №5, май

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